DUTCH KNPV Body Bite Suit-Protection Bite Suit

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  • Model: PBS2#1096 Full protection bite suit

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Durable DUTCH KNPV Protection Body Bite Suit!!

We are very excited about our protectional bite suit because of the high Tech materials that have went into constructing it.
These Very Durable bite suit are excellent for experienced decoys, for dogs training and working in Dutch KNPV (also known as the Royal Dutch Police Dog Sport),Schutzhund and Mondioring!
This Competition level suits are lightweight and very flexible to allow for extreme range of motion.
This suit is easy to maneuver in because it is light weight and very flexible!!

Full Body Kimono Bite Suit                        
dog training scratch pants bite suit                   Full Body Kimono Bite Suit

                KNPV Training Bite Suit working dog bite suit
Kimono Training Bite Suit body bite suit    Training Bite Suit working dog bite suit

Working Dog Bite Suit k9 training bite suit

KNPV Training Bite Suit working dog bite suit

50/170 5'6''-5'10''(168cm-178cm) and 143-154 pounds(65-70 Kg)

50/180 5'10''-6'2''(178cm-188cm) and 154-165 pounds(70-75 Kg)

52/170 5'6''-5'10''(168cm-178cm) and 165-176 pounds(75-80 Kg)

52/180 5'10''-6'2''(178cm-188cm) and 176-187 pounds(80-85 Kg)

54/170 5'6''-5'10''(168cm-178cm) and 198-209 pounds(90-95 Kg)

54/180 5'10''-6'2''(178cm-188cm) and 220-231 pounds(100-105 Kg)

****More info please contact us by phone 732-709-1834***

Training Bite Suit for DUTCH KNPV training- Body Dog Bite Suit-Working Dog Bite Suit

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