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  • Model: L20##1019 10 mm Nylon cord dog leash

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Easy Walking Nylon Dog Leash

If you want to train your dog as a working one, if you want him to perform tracking, searching, patrolling and other work on the highest level of his possibilities, then you should choose proper equipment for training. It must not become an obstacle for him and it should provide him with comfort and safety. It should provide you with proper level of control. And, of course, you know that leash creates a link between a dog and his owner, that’s why you should choose best of the best!

Today we want to offer you this Nylon Dog Leash For Working Dogs! You will be amazed by the benefits it will offer to you, so order it without doubts!

dog leash

This leash:

  • is made of durable and reliable nylon
  • has solid snap hook
  • is of a cord type
  • has decorative chess-like ornament

This leash is used for:

  • training
  • walking
  • patrolling
  • tracking
  • searching

Sizes available:

  • 5 ft (150 cm)

Available colors:

  • blue/black
  • red/black

Several features of this amazing leash:

1. It is made of premium quality nylon therefore it is of a high quality.
2. It is durable and reliable and will definitely serve your dog for quite a long time.
3. It is multifunctional, it can be used for training, tracking, patrolling and walking.
4. All fittings are rust and corrosion protected.
5. The leash will provide you with comfort, you can forget about your skin rubbing and irritation.
6. The leash can stand heavy loads and your dog won’t also be able to break or damage it somehow.
7. It is decorated with beautiful chess-like ornament that will make your dog look stylish and cool.
8. There is a solid snap hook that will allow you to attach a leash to a collar/a harness without any difficulties!

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