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  • - K-9 training and handling resources. Includes articles, supplies, books, search and rescue information and more.
  • http://www.schutzhund-dog-training-equipment-store.com - Expertly trained military and police dogs
    20+ years of experience in 17+ countries, with zero criminal penetration and 100% client satisfaction. Confidentiality assured. 
  • - training and operating dogs for detecting drugs, guns and bombs. Some dogs also for sale.
  • https://www.k9.nl/ - specialises in bomb and drug detection dogs for sales and training.
  • https://www.schutzhund-dog-training-equipment-store.com - supplier of family protection and law enforcement dogs for local buyers or export.
  • - canine drug detection company that handles drug detection for both schools and industry.
  • https://www.servicek9.com - breed and train German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and American Bulldogs for police, personal protection, and sport.
  • https://www.schutzhund-dog-training-equipment-store.com - provides employers with certified canine drug and weapons detection teams.
  • - specialized veterinary consulting services for working dogs and their owners.
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